My Top 3 Priorities plus some more slightly passive ones below those.

#1 Absolutely Freemart Forever!        

Life changing products & best pay plan I have seen in 25 years.
Start FREE, you can even earn first, then try the products... 
The one business most of us have searched for, for years.
If you have family, friends and even pets you truly care about, then you need to check out Freemart today! 

             #2 Lottosprings/ProSprings ~ Not your usual lotto*

If you enjoy playing lotto or just spend a few dollars on it each week for fun, then why not increase your odds of winning... or even play for Free. Fully licensed legitimate lotto that uses the Euro numbers from the live TV draw, 100% transparency here.
"Get 3 and it is FREE!"

                               #3  ~ USI-Tech   (Bitcoin based)  

Real company based in Dubai, and REAL trading 
Long Term compounding income here. 

The ones below are mostly more passive.. (if you choose to be) 


Earn while advertising!

Spend Only $10 and get $15 back! 150% Revs 10K Ad Credits, Trusted Admin!


From the trusted Admin at X100K Michael Weber, 
LOVE this one..
Can be active or passive and you can still earn with or without sponsoring others...

You will need to contact me for the one below! 
Skype or email on the contact me page..


or join the team push here ... xmas special



You can control how much or little you earn here, you can help others, as well as helping yourself. As the name says "Pif2Cash" (Pay it Forward) you can sit and wait for it to move, or you can make it happen as fast as you want it to, it is up to you.
You will want and need a helpful sponsor in this one.  

        *X100K ~ Love it, 100% SAFE, Long term plan here! 

Many think X100K is too slow, but as far as I am concerned it is one of the best long term plans for those with patience who could use a simple enough, extra retirement plan for the future.  Plus it does not matter when you get started,  just that you do! It actually keeps improving over time and gets better everyday..

*Ad Click Express   (Sold from JBP in 2013)  
Some love it, some hate it ...  
Good advertising place. 


  Free cryptos ~ a good variety daily!               



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